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Marie - Jewellery
Drey - Massage
Nuramina - Massage
Inge - Hats, Jewellery
Helder - Art Cards, Prints
Joanne - Clothing
Judy - Jewellery
Diana - Crafts, Jewellery
Nina - Thai Silk
Julita - Art Cards, Originals
Contact and Directions

Urban Market


Body, Mind & Spirit  -   Massage, Jewellery, Clothing, Crafts & Art

Welcome to our web site!

We are a group of vendors in St Lawrence Market.

We provide a range of original products for shoppers -  massage, hats, scarves and ponchoes, original jewellery, greeting cards, prints and paintings - variety of  gifts and things at competitive prices!


Please visit often! We are creative - we always have something new!

Seated relaxation massage for the head, neck, back, arms and legs. Aromatic Skin Products and Nutritional Supplements. Try 3 minutes of massage for free!!! and relieve your stress.
Tel: 416-949-2220
Original, one of the kind knitted or crocheted hats and toques. She will make any hat you have seen in the trendy magazine!.Some hats have cat ears! Check her crochetes earings and other creative jewellery.
All Ears - Hats and Earings
416 -960-0356
Fairtraded, handcrafted by artisans from Mexico and Peru - variety of original pieces - jewellery, hats, handbags, accesories.
Diana De la Cruz
Original watercolor and acrylic paintings - abstract, landscape and still life. Very colorful greeting cards with animals or flowers, short series, signed, easy to frame.Christmas cards. Prices start at $4.00
Marie - Jewellery
Wide range of original hand made watches necklasses and earings. Short series, pretty, cute,  interesting pieces. For limited time prices start at 5.00. 
Marie has 4 dogs!
Designed by Marie
Scarves, designer fleece hats and beautifuly embroiled ponchoes, original tie belts and other crafty accesories. Always something new! Prices start at $5.00.
Designed by Joanne
Original pieces, semi precious gems, very elegant designed necklasses, earings, bracelets, short series.
Judy is a psychic and tarot reader!
Roses and Rainbows
Helder - Originals, Art Prints, Greeting Cards
The Spirit of Helder booth offers Original Art, Art Prints and greeting Cards, Watercolour and Acrylic Paintings, very magical and imaginative work.
Prices start at $3.50
Phone: 416-925-9505
Handmade quality products from Thailand. Silk scarves, letter holders, bags and much more. Unusual, colorful, excellent for Christmas gifts.
Nina Laitinen
Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!
Crafter's Market

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