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Marie - Jewellery
Drey - Massage
Nuramina - Massage
Inge - Hats, Jewellery
Helder - Art Cards, Prints
Joanne - Clothing
Judy - Jewellery
Diana - Crafts, Jewellery
Nina - Thai Silk
Julita - Art Cards, Originals
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Urban Market

Diana's Latin American Crafts, Pottery and Jewellery


It is located at Lawrence Market to import products from developing countries in Latin America to developed countries like Canada.


Our social responsibility is to contribute with those artisans from diverse areas (we are introducing Peru and Mexico as pilot countries) and not just to increase the profits or huge corporations.


We belief in the commitment of improve social condition for producer and we seek for long term commitment with them.


Our goal is to promote their fine handcraft and excellent work is made in conditions that DO care for the environment and for us as citizens of the world.


We trade:

Pottery, silver jewelry, alpaca hats, scarves and gloves, panting, purses and more…




Our pottery is unique in style. We take orders by phone or in person.




Diana De la Cruz

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