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Marie - Jewellery
Drey - Massage
Nuramina - Massage
Inge - Hats, Jewellery
Helder - Art Cards, Prints
Joanne - Clothing
Judy - Jewellery
Diana - Crafts, Jewellery
Nina - Thai Silk
Julita - Art Cards, Originals
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Urban Market

Julita Wolanska Art Cards and Watercolor Paintings


Julita's paintings are colorful and vibrant or soft and dreamy.
She paints in acrylics, watercolors and mixed media.
Variety of colorful abstracts, animals, flowers or landscapes painted in watercolours or acrylic, signed and placed in crystal clear bags for protection.
Cards are usually 5 X 7 or smaller and can be easily framed in standard size photo frame.
For more information and to see gallery of pictures please visit web page   Julita Sidonia Wolanska or Art Juwo