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Marie - Jewellery
Drey - Massage
Nuramina - Massage
Inge - Hats, Jewellery
Helder - Art Cards, Prints
Joanne - Clothing
Judy - Jewellery
Diana - Crafts, Jewellery
Nina - Thai Silk
Julita - Art Cards, Originals
Contact and Directions

Urban Market

Drey - Massage Relaxation


Renew Revive Relax
In Her Hands is an on-site seated massage company.  We specialize in relaxation massage which is done through clothing, on a specially designed, exceptionally comfortable massage chair, without the use of oils.  Our intensive routine allows for maximum benefit in a short amount of time therefor massages usually range from 15-30 minutes and cover key tension areas (head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.) 
It’s an inexpensive yet highly effective way to reduce stress! 
The Refresher - 15 minutes of exhilarating stress and tension releasing techniques to your upper and lower back, shoulders, head and neck.  Perfect after a long work week! - Only $15
The Rejuvenator - like a mini vacation!  Targets the same four hi-tension areas as The Refresher but with more intensity and with additional work to your tired arms and overworked hands.  You will feel brand new again! - 30 minutes only $30 
If you are interested in having the In Her Hands team come to your event, convention, workplace, trade show, open house, health expo, in-house spa day, or to help promote an event, please send any pertinent information and request a price quote to
(Prices generally start at $1 per minute of massage and with a 3hr minimum for special events and workplace massage)
 Come and visit us  Saturdays at St. Lawrence Market lower level.